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The Power of Collaboration for Cleaning Franchise Success

One of the biggest advantages of owning a cleaning franchise is that collaboration is one of the foundations of the franchise model. Working together is very useful in all kinds of businesses, but is especially important in a franchise organisation.

Franchisor Collaboration

As the owner of a commercial cleaning franchise branch, you should experience a collaborative approach from your franchisor from the get go. The reason for this is that it benefits the franchise as a whole for each franchise branch to grow and experience success.

Whilst starting an independent business leaves the task of establishing your business completely in your own hands, under the franchise model, a collaborative approach is important right from the start. To help you launch your commercial cleaning business, your franchisor is on hand to provide essential start-up training:

  • Cleaning - training in commercial cleaning techniques, including using specialist equipment, helps prepare you to train your team as it grows.

  • Day to day business management - as a franchisee, you benefit from training in all aspects of running your business, including quoting for cleaning contracts, health and safety, wages and indents, COSHH and all kinds of essential paperwork.

  • Marketing - having tried most forms of marketing, training discusses best practices for the strategies that have worked best in the past.

As a member of the franchise family, and a partner in the larger business, it’s important for your franchisor to ensure that there is no need for you to sweat the small stuff, leaving you to focus on the bigger picture of growing your own franchise branch.

In turn, as well as receiving support from your franchisor, it’s also important that you establish a communicative relationship with them. Feedback that you can provide on your experiences can help to strengthen the brand as a whole, which benefits all franchisees. Regular team meetings provide an ideal opportunity for collaboration, allowing all franchise partners to share their ideas and experiences of how to improve the franchise business model.

Franchisee Collaboration

As well as working with your franchisors, the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas and experiences with other franchise partners is also extremely valuable. By communicating with franchisees that are more experienced than you, there can be a lot to learn about how they have overcome the challenges they have faced, along with the ways they may have found to streamline operations, or provide a higher level of service, whether through cleaning or customer service.

Growing a Successful Commercial Cleaning Franchise

At MCS, we have been operating successful commercial cleaning franchises for many years. A key part of our success as a franchise has been through collaboration with our franchise partners. As a franchisor, whilst we have developed a proven business model over time, this is not to say that we are not open to making changes based on the feedback of our valued franchisees. 

We believe in a culture of collaboration, where all members of the MCS family are ready to communicate any issues they are experiencing, or any successes they have achieved, from which we can learn valuable lessons to help other franchisees and the brand as a whole.


To learn more about the support you gain as an MCS franchisee, or to discuss any other queries you may have, please contact us by calling 0800 612 0437, or request a callback and we will be in touch as soon as possible to assist you.